What is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home?

Choosing the right time to sell your home is a common challenge for sellers entering the real estate marketplace. Each season has its benefits and drawbacks—and it’s essential to consider the optimal time of year for home sales as you prepare to list your property. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide the best time to sell your home.

Listing Your Home for Sale in Spring

Early spring has traditionally been the preferred time of year for sellers to list their homes—and for buyers to make a purchase. Benefits of selling your home in spring include:

  • Nice weather and happy buyers. It’s no secret that people tend to be happier when it’s nice outside—but did you know that happy people also make the best customers? When a potential buyer is feeling positive and upbeat, especially during a season of change and transformation, they’ll be more open to making an investment in your property.
  • Better attendance at open houses. The more people that view your property in-person, the better your odds of receiving multiple purchase offers. In-person showings allow prospective buyers to explore the features of your home, fixtures, exterior, and property to decide if it meets their needs. Longer days also allow for more showings.

Listing Your Home for Sale in Summer

Summer may seem like the perfect time of year to sell your home, but it’s typically one of the slowest periods for home sales. Drawbacks of selling your home during the summer include:

  • Summer holidays. With school out for the summer, many potential buyers prefer spending time in the sunshine—instead of attending showings and meeting with realtors.
  • Market saturation. While many sellers prefer to list their home in the summer, it’s not the preferred season for buyers, so it can lead to an influx of available properties on the market. The competition in summer can be stiff, making it more difficult to sell than in spring or fall.

Listing Your Home for Sale in Fall

Fall is a popular season for home sales. Once the summer is over, many prospective home buyers are keen to get back to shopping for a new home. Benefits of selling your home in fall include:

  • Enhanced curb appeal. When selling your home, first impressions are everything. Curb appeal is a major factor of spurring interest in your home and attracting people to showings. Selling in the fall gives prospective buyers a vibrant and colourful picture of your home’s exterior and the landscaped details of your property.
  • Eager buyers. After the lull of summer vacation, prospective home buyers are often looking to buy before winter. Serious home buyers typically want to secure a home in the fall to give them enough time to settle in and prepare for the holiday season.

Listing Your Home for Sale in Winter

With harsh Canadian winters, it’s no surprise that it’s the slowest season for home sales. Drawbacks of selling your home in the winter include:

  • Cold temperatures and bad weather. Colder temperatures keep potential buyers indoors and limit the number of people who attend open houses. Home sales also tend to slow in winter because many buyers are hesitant about relocating in the cold or with  poor road conditions.
  • Holiday hiatus and spending freeze. For many Canadian families, winter is a time of celebration, vacation, and extravagance. But selling a home at the height of the holiday season can be challenging. With parties and get-togethers taking over buyers’ social calendars, attendance at showings can be low during December. Buyers also tend to be more cautious about spending on major purchases until the new year.

Growing Popularity of Virtual Showings

Virtual showings are an ideal way to optimize your property’s visibility and make it available to potential buyers—no matter the time of year or the weather. From pre-recorded 360-tours that show each room of your home to aerial drone footage of your exterior property, accurate visuals help you build trust with the client and inspire them to view your home in person.

Interested in capitalizing on the best time of year to sell your house?

Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to list your home for sale. With innovative marketing strategies and years of experience as a realtor, I work with clients in Victoria, Cowichan Valley, and the South Island’s Westshore communities to sell their homes any time of year! Contact me today to explore my unique approach to home sales on Vancouver Island.