We recently wanted to make a very rapid purchase and our realtor was out of town. Alex very efficiently stepped in to assist us on an urgent basis. My husband and I were extremely impressed with her calm informed manner. She gave us handouts and greeted us in a very supportive way. Although she was not our usual realtor we instantly felt at ease with her and appreciated the fact that she went the extra mile answering any questions we had about electronic transfer of signature and all sorts of other issues. We would gladly recommend Alex Dawe to anyone looking for a realtor in the victoria area.


Alexandra is very knowledgeable. Always responsive and super enjoyable to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone selling or buying.


I’m very selective with my Realtors… i’m a Mortgage Advisor for a Big 5 Bank and was drawn to Alexandra right away. Alexandra has consistently delivered. She’s accessible, knowledgeable, professional and walks the walk! What impressed me most is her smarts, originally with a CPA background, she brings that analytical approach to the Real Estate world.


Great service, very friendly and patient with first time buyers. My parents sometimes have trouble with the language barrier and have been reluctant to work with previous Realtors due to it, but Alex made them feel included in the process. Can’t thank her enough! :^)


After interviewing three different realtors, I informed about a new realtor who had integrity and was honest and sincere – I admit I wondered if that was possible with a new but also young realtor. Deciding to at least meet with her before introducing her to my friend and her family. I was immediately impressed with Alex and explained the situation to her and how very delicate it was. Moving on its own under the best possible circumstance is extremely stressful, add in an older woman with Alzheimer’s and it can be a disaster. I felt that Alex would be a great fit for my friend and be able to collaborate with her daughter online and include everyone, so we were on the same page to be able to keep my friend safe and keep the stress down. No surprises or last-minute showings would be possible.

Alex is a highly intelligent and motivated individual, and she is more than capable of completing the sale of a house. The difference is her ability to adapt and understand the situation and juggle all the people involved with grace and dignity. I am happy it all worked out, the house has sold, my friend and her family will move on into the next chapter of their lives. I will not hesitate to recommend Alexandra to anyone that asks, Alex is a breath of fresh air and managed this situation respectfully and was considerate to all involved.