Victoria Neighborhoods: A Breakdown

As a resident of Victoria myself, I absolutely love talking about all things Victoria, including the many neighbourhoods! Having spent my formative years on the island and now proudly calling Victoria my home, I have a unique viewpoint on the thriving local real estate market. In this article, I am going to break down the various neighbours that make up Victoria and the real estate market in each!

Victoria Neighbourhoods 

There are 12 different neighbours in the city of Victoria. Here we go:  


 This neighborhood is centrally located, making it a prime choice for real estate buyers who want to be in the hot spots and those who dislike commuting. It offers a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Its close distance to downtown Victoria and accessible amenities make it attractive to a wide range of buyers!

Downtown Victoria

As the heart of the city, downtown Victoria, this trendy and happening region features a mix of condos, apartments, and heritage homes. Most condos often offer stunning city and water views, while heritage homes hold their value due to their historic charm. Real estate in this area tends to be in high demand, especially among those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle.


Beloved for its character homes and tree-lined streets, Fairfield is a sought-after neighbourhood for those who love a more traditional style of real estate, since most properties in this neighbourhood feature well-preserved heritage homes. Fairfield is popular for young families and empty nesters due to its walkability and amenities like parks, schools, and the Cook Street Village with shops and restaurants. 


Fernwood is a historic neighborhood with a diverse mix of housing styles. Buyers won’t struggle to find a nice mix, from heritage houses to modern condos. Its vibrant community atmosphere with most tree lined streets, close proximity to schools and parks and not too far from downtown!


Gonzales’ neighbourhood is characterized by its historic charm, stunning ocean views, and upscale residences. This neighbourhood boasts well-preserved heritage homes and modern properties for buyers seeking coastal luxury. The appeal of Gonzales includes its proximity to downtown amenities, beautiful beaches, and a strong sense of community. 


This neighbourhood features everything from single-family homes to condos, catering to various preferences and budgets. Its central location provides easy access to amenities, shopping, and entertainment,  making it very desirable. Hillside-Quadra’s is an attractive destination for anyone searching for a well-rounded urban lifestyle.

James Bay

James Bay is well known for its premium waterfront properties, condos, and apartments. The neighborhood’s enhanced by its breathtaking views of the Inner Harbour, making it a top choice for those seeking a coastal lifestyle. Historic homes and modern residences coexist, offering a diverse range of housing options. With its prime location close to downtown Victoria and its vibrant cultural scene, James Bay represents an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to immerse themselves in waterfront urban living.


Home to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Jubilee is a mix of residential areas. Real estate options range from single-family homes to condos and townhouses. Its proximity to healthcare facilities and educational institutions makes it particularly appealing to healthcare professionals and students.

North Park

As a central neighbourhood, North Park offers a diverse mix of housing, including character homes and condos. Its community facilities and central location make it an appealing choice for families and young professionals looking for a balanced urban lifestyle.


Sought after for its family-friendly atmosphere and close access to parks, Oaklands mostly features single-family homes, perfect for families of all sizes. The real estate market here is ideal for families looking for spacious properties with green spaces nearby.


An upscale neighbourhood with historic homes and beautiful gardens, Rockland is a premium real estate market, with many historic mansions showcasing exquisite architecture. Rockland is a great choice for anyone seeking a sophisticated and refined lifestyle. Its lush gardens, coupled with proximity to downtown amenities, makes it an attractive opportunity.

 Victoria West

 Located across the harbor from downtown Victoria, Victoria West offers a lovely waterfront setting. Real estate options include waterfront condos and apartments, known for its creative blend of urban living with waterfront views, making it a desirable choice for those who enjoy a varied lifestyle. 

I’d love to hear from you! Which is your favourite neighbourhood and why? Contact me today so we can chat about Victoria and help you find the neighbourhood of your dreams!