Best Real Estate Listing Strategies in 2023

Innovative technology and shifts in buyer preferences have created a demand for unique strategies for listing real estate. With more people than ever searching, viewing, and even buying homes remotely, expectations for what potential buyers want in a listing have changed. If you’ve browsed real estate listings over the last few years, you may have noticed how much more diverse, interactive, and attractive those listing can be. From digital marketing techniques and quality photography to virtual tours and digital floorplans, here are just a few of the best real estate listing strategies in 2023.

Professional Photography and Virtual Tours

Just like an open house gives buyers a chance to see your property up close, using technology to host virtual tours is an ideal way to attract buyer attention. Virtual tours (also known as 3D walk-throughs) give an in-depth portrait of the rooms, amenities, and features of your property. Hiring a professional photographer is also recommended, as buyers expect to see the potential of your property in detail. The more eyes you have on your listing, the more likely you are to receive a competitive offer—and high-definition professional photographs display your property at its best.

Embrace Aerial Videos and Drone Photography

Professional photography can also be used to give potential buyers a bird’s-eye view of your property. Overhead videos and sweeping shots are ideal for estates and properties with a variety of external features, such as patios, yards, gardens, or outbuildings. Aerial footage can also be a great way to display your property in proximity to amenities or local attractions, such as nature trails, lakes, or marinas. Aerial videos and drone photography for real estate is an immersive way to showcase your property and distinguish it from other local listings.

Leverage Social Media and Video Marketing

With a portfolio of professional images and high-quality video of your property, the most effective way to market your listing is through social media and digital marketing channels. If you’ve browsed any social media platform this year, you know that video is everywhere—making it the perfect time to promote your real estate listing through video marketing. Whether you post a virtual property tour or add narration and music to the video, using social media to promote your property gives potential buyers a truly immersive experience—allowing them to envision living there and making them more likely to seek out more information about your listing.

Avenues for video marketing in real estate include:

  • Social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • Real estate listing websites (e.g.,, MLS, Zillow)
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Paid advertisements (e.g., Google Ads targeting your ideal buyer)

Showcase Property with Virtual Staging

When potential buyers view real estate listings online, they want to be able to see the property as their own. If a buyer clicks on your listing and only sees a few images without any décor or furnishings, it’s more difficult for them to envision living in that space—or making an offer. Virtual staging is an innovative way to digitally add visual elements to your images to make it more appealing to buyers. Artwork, furniture, décor, and pets can be added to the digital images—and for a fraction of the cost of traditional in-home staging.

Incorporating innovative technologies and modern real estate listing techniques are an essential part of selling property in today’s market. From professional drone photography to virtual tours and social media marketing, immersive engagement for potential buyers is the best real estate listing strategy for 2023.

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