5 Questions to Ask Your Realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, you should feel free to communicate with your realtor and ask for clarification on anything you’re unsure about during the process. As an experienced real estate agent, I’ve answered all kinds of questions for my clients about purchasing, selling, and investing in Vancouver Island real estate. To help you navigate your real estate journey, here is a quick guide to the top 5 questions to ask your realtor.

1. Do you represent both buyers and sellers?

Whether you’re buying or selling property, one of the most important questions to ask a realtor is whether they specialize in helping clients purchase or sell property. If you’re looking to sell your home, it wouldn’t make sense to hire a buyer specialist—or vice versa. Ideally, you’ll find a realtor with broad experience on both sides of the transaction who can give you insight into the process.

2. Are you a full-time realtor?

When you hire a realtor, it’s essential to make sure they have the time and experience to guide you through the entire buying or selling process. If you’re a buyer, working with a full-time agent ensures they have time to learn your requirements, search properties, arrange showings, and negotiate with the seller’s realtor. For sellers, a full-time realtor can effectively dedicate time to marketing your property, setting up tours, researching the local market, and closing the deal with the buyer’s realtor. Full-time realtors also stay informed of current market conditions, emerging trends, and valuations of properties in the area.

3. How long have you been a realtor?

As with any professional career, the more experience you have, the more knowledge and insight you have in the field. Experienced realtors, especially those who are full-time agents, possess valuable knowledge of the market, know how to negotiate effectively, can leverage their network of contacts to find suitable properties, and have tangible evidence of their success rates in closing deals for both buyers and sellers. Their experience makes them able to navigate the complex real estate market while giving you confidence in their ability to meet your real estate goals.

4. Have you represented clients in this area before?

The real estate market varies greatly depending on location—even different neighbourhoods in the same city. When you’re seeking out a realtor, it’s important to look for an agent with local experience. For buyers, it’s important to find a realtor who knows which properties are currently on the market, their listing price, and the amenities close by. For sellers, it’s essential to find a realtor with experience in the neighbourhood because they understand what buyers are looking for, how to market the property effectively, and what similar homes in the area have sold for recently.

5. How will we communicate throughout this process?

Before you begin working with a realtor, it’s important to ask them how often they will keep in touch and how they will contact you. If your realtor prefers to call you on the phone, but you’re working in an office during the day, that won’t align with your needs. If you want to connect on the phone to get updates or more information, but your realtor prefers email, it can become frustrating for both you and your realtor. An experienced realtor will work with you to learn your requirements and preferred method of communicating—and adjust their preferences to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned property investor, it’s crucial to find an experienced realtor who aligns with your vision and real estate goals. By asking your realtor a few questions upfront, you’ll ensure you have an experienced and trusted resource on your side to navigate the buying or selling process with you.

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